Blue Space

Life by Lake Erie

After some life priority wrestling, my need for blue space finally prevailed.

The shore along the western basin of Lake Erie in Sterling State Park. Photo by author.

I am often surprised how long it can be in between shore visits. I know that spending time in blue space has many health benefits, yet it can be challenging to make it a priority. It took me five months since my last visit to Lake Erie to break away from daily toil and spend a late evening strolling the shore.

It was, of course, lovely, and comes highly recommended.

The next day I shared the story of my journey with some coworkers and was reminded that a lot of folks do not realize how close Lake Erie is to the metro Detroit region. It makes me sad yet selfishly giddy that it is still an undiscovered gem of the Great Lakes.

Hopefully it won’t take me another five months to visit.


© Dawn Nelson, 2022.

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