Pointe Mouillee


View of Lake Erie from the boat launch at Pointe Mouillee, Michigan. April 23, 2018. Photo credit: Dawn Nelson

There is a place where the river flows into the open water of the lake. Something about the marsh and wilderness here invites a peaceful contemplation about nature and humanity, a simple coexistence with all living beings.

I watched a Labrador retriever enjoy a good swim on his day off, while his human companion waited patiently on the shore enjoying the view of Lake Erie. I remembered the last time I visited Point Mouille, my own canine companion was with me, a wistful memory of barefoot wandering in my young adult years.

The marshes in the western basin of Lake Erie hold so much promise for ecological restoration and preservation of natural habitat. The value of wetlands to improve the quality of the water in the Great Lakes is tremendous, while also providing precious habitat for wildlife. I am reminded of this especially during this bustling time of bird migration through the Huron-Erie corridor that includes the Detroit River and western basin of Lake Erie.

I wonder if we’ll find a way to preserve the area with greenways, and perhaps only bicycles and electric vehicles (like golf carts!) for transport around the lake basin edges? Perhaps 50 or 100 years from now, the shore land will be navigable only by non-motorized transport and electric vehicles, complete with greenways and wildlife corridors throughout.

Interesting to imagine, at the very least.

Where the river meets the marsh and the open water of Lake Erie at Pointe Mouillee, Michigan. April 23, 2018. Photo credit: Dawn Nelson


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