Resilience of urban green space

Finding a secret garden in the middle of urban space is a quiet blessing amidst noisy chaos. The Katherine Hepburn garden (pictured below) is tucked neatly away alongside the Dag Plaza on the east side of Manhattan.

Smart urban design allows for green space to exist and breathe wherever possible. The sustainable development goals call for nations to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainableWhile there are many issues to address under this imperative, an important one is to integrate green infrastructure in cities. The ability for trees to mitigate the impact of climate change is quite significant. More tree cover can absorb the hotter temperatures in the summer season, and provide shade and relief for people as they are out walking throughout the day.

A serene and charming beauty.

The view from the Katherine Hepburn Garden in the Dag Plaza in New York City. July 14, 2017. Photo credit: Dawn Nelson


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