Water from the Mountains

A journey through the Catskill Mountains two years ago en route to the city gave me a deeper understanding of what it means to protect source water. New York City draws some of its potable water from this watershed, water for a city of eight million people.

As we meandered up the mountain, I realized the constant changes in altitude and winding roads was a little tough to take. Once we arrived to visit with friends at a house on a mountainside somewhere in the Catskills, I discovered that drinking a single glass of water with perfectly balanced pH can remedy nausea instantaneously. It was one of the most miraculous moments I have ever experienced in relation to water.

Water is a healing force, if we protect it well enough.

Mountain stream alongside a mountain road in the Catskill Mountains of New York state. February 17th, 2016. Photo credit: Dawn Nelson


We must.

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